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Articles on Approaches to Violin / Viola Pedagogy

HOW FAR IS IT? The Need for an Interval-Based Curriculum for Strings

Dr. Charles Heiden, March 29, 2013

Other articles by Dr. Charles Heiden


8-15 Sample Pages - Telemannís Canonic Sonata No. 3, an Analytic Edition for Historically Informed Performance by Two Violinists playing modern instruments.
By Dr. Charles Heiden - 2012


7-04 The Long and Short of it
By Dr. Charles Heiden - 2011

1-04 Mathematics & Music / Note-values as Ratios.
By Dr. Charles Heiden - 2011

5-16 Higher Positions for Lower Register Passages
Rx for the 1-3 PS (First-Third Position Syndrome)
By Dr. Charles Heiden - 2010

2-25  Counting 8ths
Medicine for the 4x4 Fixation?
By Dr. Charles Heiden - 2010

2009  Reformulating the Basics of Theory
in a String-Friendly Fashion (Part 1)

2008  An Intervallic Approach
Theory: for strings, an interval / pattern approach

2002   Teaching Voice Leading Through a System of Glyphs
Published in The American String Teacher, Feb. 22
Used by permission.


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