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Articles on Approaches to Violin / Viola Pedagogy

Telemannís Canonic Sonata No. 3,
an Analytic Edition for Historically Informed Performance
by Two Violinists playing modern instruments.

Here is the Email template and descriptive text that announces (5/19/2012) the free offer of this publication.

Whatís this? -- a performance Edition? Yes, 5 pages present Telemannís 1738 engraving of the three movements, but the narrow spaces between his staves have been opened in order to add explications of ornaments, and the whole is edited for HIP (historically informed performance) using modern violins and bows.

A Book? No, but the 38 pages present analytical commentaries on each movement, plus perspectives about audible rhythm distinguished from visible meter, performance implications of rhythmic and melodic features, dissonance treatment (suspensions, appoggiaturas), an enriched vocabulary of terms and concepts for bowing layout, the form-shaping role of tonal harmony, bowing as breath support, agogic stress, articulation by airspace, and principles of editing.

An item For Sale? No, for free file-sharing with other violinists / teachers. Non-commercial copying is welcome. For samples, see http.// etc. etc. For a free copy of the files, please send an Email request to with information about your teaching activity/position Ė Iím interested in cultivating contacts with other teachers. There are 5 pdf files, 301KB, 448KB, 874KB, 840 KB, 1.41 MB, open w/Adobe Reader.

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Non-commercial copying is welcome.

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